A filter is a way to restrict which entries are processed. It can help with terminology maintenance, or using domain specific terms. To be perfectly honest, I implemented it because I got interested in the technology, not because of extensive market research :-), so please do give feedback, if you find it useful or find problems and missing features.

A filter is a string that describes one or more properties of terms and fields. During conversion, each entry is compared to these conditions. If it matches, it will be exported, if not, it will be skipped. It always applies to the whole entry: you can't for example skip just one language based on a field value. You can, of course, ignore unwanted languages. For example, you have a mulltilingual termbase with a mix of verified and unverified terms. You only want  a termbase with verified (on a term level) French-English entries. What you do is:

  • In the settings, go to the fields tab and ignore all unwanted languages
  • Set up a filter that only allows French.Terms.status=verified AND English.Terms.status=verified

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