The easiest way to convert a file is to drag and drop it on the shortcut icon. Or start the application and drag and drop files there.

Alternatively, click the in button or use the ALt+I keys to open a file selection dialog.

Multiple files are supported; the program decides by file extension which operation to perform. The output file has the same name as the input file, but with a the file extension of the target format.


Once conversion starts, a progress window is shown, displaying the name of the currently processed file and a progress bar. If the application is running, the progress bar pops up at its bottom edge.

In Windows 7 or later, you can also see the progress in the task bar, like this:

Note: When converting to a termbase, the progress bar is unfortunately not very useful: most of the time is spent in the reorganisation stage, and there is no way to monitor the progress there.

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