Beta Release

Beta releases are published so you can test changes before an official release. They are usually not tested beyond the latest feature, and any UI changes will not be localised. I generally recommend to download the zipped files. You can just unzip it and run the beta converter in parallel with the latest official release.

   Glossary Converter Beta 6.2.8271

Download here:

  • added Russian and Italian localisation
  • fix: when saving and loading settings, output formats were not preserved
  • fix: in some localisations the buttons in the error window disappeared
  • fix: in some setups, sdltm format was not shown, even when Studio is present
  • fix: only write debug files in debug mode
  • fix: allow displaying latest MultiTerm version in error log
  • fix: better error log for problems with unprocessed Xml

   Glossary Plugin 2022 Beta

Download here: