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In a hotel of this size, many facilities have to be kept in order, and it is inevitable that things malfunction occasionally. Our master carpenter wishes to inform you about the following measures for a most convenient stay.
  • Try to install Georgia, the most readable online font around.
  • It is well possible to get along with 256 colours, but for the full splendour we recommend 16K colours or better.
  • The dimensions have been planned for 1024x768 full screen mode. Smaller screens work fine, but may require some more scrolling.
  • We care for those with visual impediments. Graphics are not necessary, but will enhance your viewing pleasure. We believe in simplicity and try not to exceed 50K per page, with 100K as the limit, except where indicated.
  • Javascript is used sparingly for playful effects. As always, we try to respect all visitors and will use it for purely decorative purposes.

...Legal Issues

  • The Opera family, Netscape 4.08 and descendants and the IE4+ clan have tested the pages to their full satisfaction. Feel free to send other test results. Netscape 4.08 is dead slow, sorry.
Please consider to browse these (and all your other sites) with Opera. It's free now, and leading in speed, size and comfort.

Cerebus and all associated characters are copyright Dave Sim and Gerhard. All exhibited images have been taken from public web pages or created by our own craftsmen.

The purpose of this enterprise is to please the guest, not to make profit. Should you feel that any part of it infringes your rights, or those of Cerebus' creators, please contact us.

If there is anything you wish to remark, contact our master carpenter.