News from the managment

31. December 2004


Goodbye everybody! It would be a lie to claim that this page is maintained. The only thing that would make sense is a complete and utter redesign and new organisation, and I don't have the time and energy for that.

It was fun while it lasted, and keep reading Cerebus!

21. September 2004  -  Two new entries in the art gallery, on pages 13 and 14, and a much improved picture of a crossover piece.
6. September 2004  -  Gasp! A change on the long dead site? Mainly, I reformatted the pages to use only tables instead of frames, created new thumbnail pictures of much better quality and fixed a bug on the title page that prevented proper image display in Opera.
You will also find a few new sketch and art pages, and I grouped all the simple head sketches in their own volume.

13. October 2002  -  There are four new entries in the crossover section. Plus a nice picture of one of the statues.
22. September 2002  -  Finally I managed to work on the guestbook and blackboard scripts and got them working. So if the unlikely event occurs that someone reads these pages, give them a try! I also extended the poster section and, a special goodie, added the complete cover of True North II.
15. June 2002  -  I'm trying to catch up with all that backlog of pictures, especially sketches. For now, you'll find a bunch of new merchandising items in the gallery.
25. November 2001  -  Yes, Yes, I did it! After tweaking and fighting my custom made web site compiler, I finally updated the gallery. You didn't think I write all these hundreds of pages manually, did you?

There are now around 250 cerebus images in the gallery, and almost none of them are from the phonebooks! I had to completely reorganise the gallery to allow convenient viewing of this number of pictures. Enjoy!

3. April 2001  -  Finally a major new event: the diamondback room has opened! If you like cards and card games, it is the place to visit. I'm also sitting on lots of new scans, but I first have to split the art book into several volumes, it has grown too fat.
26. December  -  Santa has brought lots of new content: sketches, art, and the "real world" counterparts for many of the roach personalities. And I mean lots of content.
21. December  -  A few small cosmetic changes: the descriptions for the Regency's windows should now also show up in Netscape. And IE doesn't show the ugly lines on the dog eared pages any longer.
8. December  -  There's a real gem that was added to the gallery: Mind Game. This slim volume cost me more time than most of the rest, but I'm proud of the results. It's a sight you all have seen; and yet it's a sight most of you have never seen before. Enjoy.
1. December  - Time for a news section. Now that my provider is stable new content is flowing in on a more regular base. If there has been a long pause, forgive me. Did you ever try to prepare a graphically pleasing site that runs and looks the same on all major browsers, in all currently used versions? Believe me, it's a nightmare...