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The US disk version has an elegant LP-style double foldout cover, containing the floppy, a small booklet (or, coming from a mystery edition, a large booklet) and a standard Accolade warranty card. There has been a cartoon character sticker on at least some of the the original games, presumably to give the impression of a new product, while reusing the old packaging. I also put similar-looking editions from other countries here.

Note how the warranty for the PC edition lists more computer and game types, a nice documentation af a rapidly evolving market.

The Australian tape version came in videotape style clamshell case, with a charmingly handmade, typewritten "addendum to manual", explaining how to load from tape, and a $5000 giveaway promo by Ozi Soft, the distributor. Unfortunately the original owner apparently took part in the promo, so I have no details.
The manual is shorter than the standard one; see the comparison page for details.

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