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European versions generally had simpler boxes, the floppy version is just a plastic folder. But they include a great space art instruction poster.

  • The German poster has a translation on the back.
  • The UK tape included an offer to become a member of the U.S. Gold Club.
  • The Spanish release, as the only localised version, also comes in a specially designed box. The manual (well hidden behind the box inlay...) is almost an exact translation of the C64 manual. See the comparison page for details. The summary on the box is shortened from the original and reads, more or less:

    "Living on the knife-edge with enemies that seem to read your mind, you're the captain of a ship and from your seat you control the XXXV century. The people of the PARVIN FRONTIER will pay almost everything they own to anyone who can get through to them with a shipment of supplies from the outside world. This is a difficult mission to accomplish, even for the experienced captain of the PSI-5 TRADING COMPANY. If you have sufficient maturity and courage to carry out this mission, get in the cockpit of the ship, but before making the decision, don't forget that for ten years, AL ZOCTT [sic] has been hitting enemies and attacking spacefarers until they blew to bits. You are the expert. Choose the weapons, you are talented enough to make a good choice, but will it hold up in the heat of battle? As space captain, you constantly delegate authority to fulfil the mission, but there are decisions only you can make."

  • The Italian release came a bit late to the game, in the form of a 3.5" floppy with the PC version. The manual is a translation of the C64 manual, but without any graphics. See the comparison page for details. The summary on the box is translated from the first half of the original.

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