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C64 cracker Angel of Death has created a shiny extended disk version with extra features.
  • Introduction to the history of the disk with graphics and music. To view in VICE:
    1. Go to File/Autostart disk image
    2. Browse to the folder where you stored the PSI 5 Trading Company+.d64 file and select it
    3. Double click "PSI5 T.C.INF/WGI" in the image contents window
  • Quickstart mode: use your favourite crew with just a few key presses, or let the computer choose a random crew.
    You can choose from scratch on the quick start page, or enter a code that was displayed after a traditional crew selection. To use, load as above, except choosing "QUICKSTART /WGI"
  • Training mode. Just before starting the game, you can select training mode. No enemy shot ever hits you, and you're never boarded, so you can just cruise at full speed. Rather boring, but sometimes you just want to hear that final victory music...
  • Preset missions: like in the tape version, you can choose from 3 preset missions. They are the three normal destinations with a fixed crew.

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