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This page is for controlling merge operations. Note that to allow any merging to take place, you need to select Merge Files, the first checkbox. It acts as a master switch, since the other options don't make much sense without it.

Merge on this field: enter the language (or entry field) to use for synchronising

Use Master Termbase: Check this to choose a termbase to be used as a root for merging. Homonyms in this termbase will not be merged.

Merge Languages: If checked, all languages with the same language code are merged into one, even if they have different labels (like EN and English)

Merge Sublanguages: If checked, all languages with the same basic language code are merged into one (like EN-US and EN-GB)

Export Entry number: When exporting from an sdltb termbase, the entry number is exported as a field, too.

Please refer to the chapter on Merging for details on the operations and examples.

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