There are three different variations of Diamondback:
  • Standard Diamondback as described in the rules for the second published deck. It is simply called "Diamondback", so we have reasons to assume that it was the most common version.
  • Karet, also called Dealer's Diamondback or Two-Step Diamondback
  • Match Diamondback

Standard Diamondback

The game is played by two to four participants, very rarely more. All flavours follow the same basic structure of six steps.

1. Determine the dealer

Each player draws a card, the highest card wins and the player becomes dealer.

2. Dealing

The dealer deals two cards, face down, to each player. Players then pick up their cards and examine them.


Basic Rules

3. Initial wager

Now the dealer makes an initial wager, that the others have to match if they want to stay in the game. Somebody who quits at that stage stage loses nothing. After this first bet, each player exposes one of his cards. A player who has no money left to meet the bet is out.

4. Betting

Dealer makes a wager, and again the others have to match it or quit. Running out of money automatically forces you to quit. If someone quits, they lose all bets already put in the pot. It's up to the dealer to repeat this step as often as he wants.

5. Exposing the hand

Once the dealer decides so, each player exposes his second card, and the highest hand wins. See the Hands table for the rank and value of the possible pairs.

6. Paying the bets

The winning hand gets all the money in the pot. If several, but not all players have the same best hand, the pot is shared between them. If all players have the same hand, the pot is carried over into the next game.
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