There are four different decks of which we know the whole or at least parts of the design. What ever the design, a deck consists of 1 magician, 2 priestesses, 3 queens, 4 kings and 5 priests. For three players, the deck consists of 1 magician, 4 priestesses, 6 queens, 8 kings and 10 priests (two decks minus one magician). For four players, the deck consists of 1 magician, 6 priestesses, 9 queens, 12 kings and 15 priests (three decks minus two magicians).

Best known is the set of cards published by Dave Sim in a limited edition. It features exquisite artwork on both front and back and comes in an illustrated envelope with rules.

The same deck has been published in a second edition. It has different designs of the envelope and the card backs, and a different set of rules. While the first set featured Cerebus on the back, this one has a neutral design and may well represent a high class deck as used in Estaricon

The first appearance of the rules of was in the name of the game is Diamondback, a supplementary story in Swords of Cerebus 1 from 1981. Along with rules and story, there was a display of the full deck of cards.

Finally we catch a glimpse of a rather crudely layouted deck in Guys, where Cerebus, Bear, and Marty play a round in the bar. This seems to be the style of the more common decks that may be lying on the counter for everybody's use.



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