Gimpsee Doodle

While Cerebus leg is healing at Professor Claremont's Girls' School, he fights boredom by playing another "cute" card game with Theresa, Katrina and Janette. As opposed to Priestess, he is very successful at it.


There's only a quick explanation of the rules, so I improvise a bit on details. I'll gladly stand corrected.
The dealer starts by giving 4 cards to each players, after which he makes an initial wager the others have to match. Then each player can drop 1 or 2 of his cards and replace them by cards from the deck (or stay with his hand if he prefers so). Another wager is made and matched, and this round of drawing and betting is repeated once more.
The highest hand wins, but there are special rules. If you have 2 queens or 2 fives, you must say "Gimpsee Doodle", and each player has to pay you twice the amount they bet on the initial wager; unless you've already drawn a new card, then you only get twice the initial wager from the player on your left; unless he has two kings and says "Oopee Doop": then you have to pay him the amount you would have won.



The hands are ranked as follows:
  • Magician, 3 Priestesses
  • Magician, 2 Priestesses
  • 2 Priestesses, 2 Kings
  • 2 Kings, 2 Queens
  • 1 King, 3 Queens
  • 1 Queen, 3 Kings
Priests are wild cards, that is, they cand stand for any other card. That interesting, since in all the other games priests are of a very limited value.


There's not much information on the deck. If you look at the hands, it seems to be based on several diamondback decks; the "Gimpsee Doodle" rule adds fives, which suggests a whole range of numeral values. Since many card games use the lowest cards for such joker functions, we can speculate on a range from fives to tens.
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