A game that Prince Silverspoon and his friend Trystrim introduce to Cerebus. The aardvark angrily stops playing after two rounds, since he keeps losing. Or, as he claims, because he hates "cute" card games. Losing is something he's not really used to as a Diamondback champion.


Each player starts by paying an ante (1 crown in the game with Silverspoon) and gets three cards. The dealer then makes an initial wager which the others have to match to stay in the game.
Each player then may exchange one of his cards for one from the deck or stay with what he has. The dealer then makes a second bet that the other players can match or double. (It's not quite clear from the short description we get if all players must double or each can decide individually. I'd guess the former, since the latter wouldn't make too much sense.)
Finally the highest hand is calculated and the winners gets the pot and is the new dealer. In case of a tie, the players with identical hands play another round to determine the new dealer.


The rules for the hand values are a bit more complicated than for diamondback; the score is not just listed, but calculated from the cards:
  • a Priestess counts 4 points.
  • a White Queen counts 2 points.
  • a Priest counts 1 point.
  • a Black Queen counts -2 points.
  • the Gold card doubles the value of each Priestess or Queen, or, if none are present, counts 1 point.
  • a Scepter halves the value of each Priestess or Queen, or, if none are present, counts -1 points.
  • a Sword, finally counts and changes nothing.


We don't know how many cards of each sort are in a full deck, but in the game observed, there are at least 1 Priestess, 1 Priest, 1 White Queen, 2 Black Queens, 2 Gold cards, 3 Swords and 3 other cards (of which at least one must be a Scepter) .

On the next page you'll find an almost complete set of cards, only the scepter is missing, and the priestess is only shown partly.



Priestess Priestess Whitequeen White Queen Gold Gold
Priest Priest Blackqueen Black Queen Sword Sword
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