Match Diamondback was the game of preference among the the stingy military personnel of Onliu, and was much tamer when compared with its metropolitan cousin. Onliu soldiers were paid by the government a wage of 20 copper bits a month, out of which they were required to "kick-back" a certain percentage for food, lodgings and other necesseties.

As a consequence, the Onliu soldier might have only three bits left for betting after his expenses were paid. Match diamondback was usually played with representative chips of varying denominations and it was not unusual for several hundred chips to be bet in a marathon game over several days for the sake of two or three copper bits they represented.


Match Diamondback

The most unique feature of Match Diamondback is the rule that betting must continue until a majority ofthe players involved agree to end it.

Very often another soldier would be asked to hold the contested coins in trust until a game was decided. "Coin-men" were responsible for organizing the closest approximation of a banking system ever to evolve in Onliu's loosely-knit military society, lending coins held in trust, fencing loot from military raids into neighboring countries, etc.

It was not unusual for a game to drag on over several months, since a player leaving the game before consensus was reached forfeited his winnings.

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